The Dog Ate Your Homework and Your Sponsor Said No! What?!


Do your homework before you pitch! The absolute worst thing you can hear when pitching a sponsor is “I don’t see how this will benefits us.”. Ouch! If you go into a pitch unprepared, you are bound to hear these words. maybe they’re never verbalized and the potential sponsor says “We’ll get back to you”……

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What’s The First Thing You Should Do When Planning Your Next Event???

Whats the first step

So you’re planning your next event. What’s the first thing you do to get things rolling? Do you select the venue first? Do you come up with a spectacular theme? If you are a business trying to get exposure, you could start from your product or service and build from that angle… Although a venue…

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Hosting a Digital After Party on Facebook in 25 Slides

Digital After Party

This how you get your event and your brand to go viral! If you do this right, tens of thousands of people that didn’t come will get a taste of what your event was all about! The best part is, your brand will be exposed to people you don’t know and you can drive Likes,…

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VIDEO: 4 Steps to Hosting a Digital After Party on Facebook!

Spotlight 6

In this post we’re going to focus on one important tactic to help build your brand awareness online. The “Content Explosion”. BOOM! What the heck is a content explosion? A content explosion is when you use Facebook to release pictures or video of your event and they go viral. Why do you want to do…

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5 Technology Issues that Can Kill Your Event and Your Rep!


I apologize in advance for all of the exclamation points but it’s that serious… I have spoken at close to 100 events while giving presentations at conferences and contributing to panels. Let me tell you, every event planner when asked (before showtime), says that they’ve got the internet situation worked out. My best guess would be…

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Event Planning 101: How to Get a Free Venue Space for your Event!

El Gaucho Venue

Sometimes budgets can be tight.  Maybe you are a nonprofit or an association of some kind and you need to stretch ever dollar you have.  A venue can cost anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Getting a venue for free is not out of the question.  I do it all…

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The 9 Most Important People at Your Event


If there is one thing that can make of break your event… it’s the PEOPLE involved! One bad experience can ruin your reputation. We’ve compiled a list of the most important people that contribute to the success of your event. We’ve identified their roles and how they make a difference. Let’s jump right into it.…

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4 Dangerous Ways to Stop a Party!!!

Spotlight 2012

If You Plan on Stopping This Party… You BETTER have a good reason. When the momentum gets going, it’s extremely difficult to stop your networking event for a speaker! We’ve seen this go horribly wrong. You’ve got a well respected speaker going to say thank you or do announcements and everyone disregards her and keeps talking.…

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Event Planner 101: Eight Steps on How to Handle a Crisis at an Event

Event Planning is not Easy

No matter how much we plan and prepare, some kind of crisis always seems to come up at our events.  Since you are the event planner or person in charge, the burden of fixing the problem falls on you!  I have been through it all and then some… People are always amazed at how I…

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7 Red Carpet Secrets that Get Influential People to your Events!


Why have a red carpet when you’re not trying to be so fancy??? We’ve got some compelling answers for that. In this video we’ll show you how to use the red carpet as a powerful tool to get people to attend your event. It’s not what you’d expect… See more on this topic here: Top…

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